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About us

“Azot” research and production company entered the Russian market of cartridges for smooth-bore guns in 1992. The company was based on the design and technological structure which had been engaged for many years in the development of cartridges designs, standard technical and design documentation for all enterprises producing cartridges for smooth-bore guns in the USSR.

The company used its scientific and technical potential to create a high-quality hunting and sports cartridges, “Sporting” cartridges, cartridge cases, shot and buckshot production.

Technical level of automatic lines by “BSN” company (Italy) used for cartridges production allows manufacturing cartridges with accurately dosed powder and shot hinge, one of the basic elements of shot stability.

Shot and buckshot production is realized by the stamping method on equipment by the Italian company “RAMBA”. Stamping, compared to the molding method, results in a shot of a more spherical shape and dimensional stability, a key to a close grouping of shots and uniform scree. Besides, the company manufactures shot by the molding method most of all for sports cartridges.

The staff of the enterprise was formed of the employees of the research department at the time of the company creation, and incorporates highly qualified specialists including Ph.Ds. Their knowledge and experience are constantly transferred to new employees.
The largest range and consistent quality of cartridges released in Russia are the outcome of the work of the engineering staff and all other company employees.

A fundamental reconstruction of the enterprise was conducted in 2006-2010. Modern equipment for the parts of cartridge cases production (plastic case, brass plated steel head) was purchased in Italy and Belgium. Unique automatic lines of cartridge case assembly were designed, manufactured and put into operation by company specialists. We created our own production of plastic wads and other components. At present, technical equipment of the production corresponds to the world standards.

Since the company creation, our priority in solving any production issues has been the product quality.

As a result of the everyday focused work in this direction “Azot” cartridges are the best in the Russian Federation and among the best in the world.

The list of leading sportsmen of Russia, Europe and Asia using “Azot” cartridges includes:
– “Trap” exercise
Master of Sports, International Class Irina Laricheva
1999, European Championship – 1st place
2001, World Championship – 1st place
Master of Sports, International Class Pavel Gurkin
1999, Russian Cup – 1st place
2001, World Champioship – 3rd place
– “Skeet” exercise
Master of Sports, International Class Valeriy Shomin
2002, World Championship – 2nd place
2003, World Cup – 1st place (two absolute world records 125 out of 125 and 150 out of 150)
Master of Sports, International Class Erjanik Avetisyan
1999, World Championship – 1st place
2000, Olympic Game – 6th place
2002, European Championship – 1st place
2006, World Championship – 1st place
2006, Russian record – 99 out of 100 (at Sporting)
2012, European Championship – 1st place
Philip Thorrold (the UK)
2008, European Championship in Sporting – 1st place
2010, British Open – 1st place