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Do you have dealers on the Far East?

Yes, in Yakutsk, Sakha (Yakutia) Republic.

Do you ship cartridges?

Shipping is not allowed. You can use special communication services.

Can you manufacture cartridges with set ballistic characteristics?

We can produce such cartridges in a wide value range having some limitations regarding shooting safety.

Why have you stopped importing and selling “Rex” gunpowder?

The quality of the powder decreased, what was noticed also by the customers using cartridges with “Rex” powder. That is why we are purchasing and selling gunpowder by a French producer.

Do you have dealers in the northern parts of Russia?

Yes, but only in the European part.

What is the hardness of lead shot that you produce?

Выпускаемая нашим предприятием дробь имеет твердость от 12 до 16 единиц в зависимости от содержания сурьмы в ней.

Why do you not make 16 gauge lead bullet cartridges?

At present, we are working on the lead bullets production. The start of mass production is planned on 2013.

Cartridge cases by what manufacturer do you use for 410 gauge ammo production?

For the production of 410 gauge cartridges we use cartridge cases by Cheddite company (France).