Aircon 2023

Aircon 2023

Locally. Brutal. Actual.

This is how the Aircon festival took place, including an exhibition, a fair and a convention. The event is dedicated to military tactical games and lifestyle in the style of "military". This year the popular All-Russian festival turned 10 years old!

Aircon 2023 was radically different from the previous one – the event turned from a regular airsoft festival into an alternative exhibition of equipment and equipment.

Our company traditionally took part in the event and acted as the main partner, providing prizes for the winners in 7 nominations. In addition, at our stand, everyone could communicate with representatives of the Azot company, get answers to their questions and not only ;)

The Azot Group of Companies has been the official supplier of goods @emersongearrd since 2022, registered in the national system of labeling and product tracking Honest MARK. Every visitor of the exhibition could get acquainted with the range of clothing, equipment and equipment of Emersongear.

In addition, new airsoft pyrotechnics and Azot Strike smoke bombs were presented at our stand. Soon they will be available for sale and will stand in the same product line along with other Azot Strike grenades that the market has already seen.

Many thanks to the organizers of the event! We wish them prosperity and further scaling.

We were glad to see everyone at our booth! See you again at Aircon 2023-2024.

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