ATA ARMS'23 Cup, July 9, 2023

ATA ARMS'23 Cup, July 9, 2023

Every year our friends from St. Petersburg, the STALKER Gun Club, organize many festivals, competitions and hunting tournaments. They make an invaluable contribution to the development of hunting culture, arranging meetings and various events for both hunters and shooters.

On July 9, the next tournament was held - the ATA ARMS'23 Cup. Anyone could take part in the competition, and quite a large number of them gathered. More than 100 hunters and athletes came to compete for the title of the best shooter and win the "Gold". According to the participants, this is one of the most important and vibrant hunting and shooting tournaments taking place in the northern capital.

Azot Group provides support in holding this event from year to year and acts as its sponsor. It is not customary to break traditions, so this time we presented the winners of the tournament with prizes and various gifts from the Scientific and Production Company "Azot" and the Azot Store!

We thank the organizers for the high level of preparation and holding of this tournament, a warm welcome and a pleasant pastime! Thank you to all the guests of the event for the friendly atmosphere and unforgettable emotions! And, of course, we congratulate all the winners on their victories and wish them further success in hunting and sports!

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