Комплект Azot Clean line 210+520

  • Brand: НПФ "Азот"
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The universal tool "Azot Clean Line" for cleaning weapons has been tested in its own ballistic laboratory of LLC NPF "AZOT", where a huge number of cartridges are shot. During the development and testing process, "Azot Clean Line" has demonstrated the highest performance properties.

Ballistic installation, as well as ballistic barrels, receive the maximum load from firing. A large arsenal of weapons from various manufacturers for firing tests for operational safety also requires regular and high-quality cleaning. Contamination from both aggressive combustion residues of primers-igniters, gunpowder, and strong lead coating of barrel bores and other weapon mechanisms can now be removed without problems with the new cleaning agent "Azot Clean Line".

The unique composition of the "Azot Clean Line" completely removes carbon deposits, lead and various deposits on the surfaces of weapons that form during firing. Azot Clean Line has a high fluidity, which allows it to penetrate into the smallest cracks and thus provides maximum care for your weapon. Surfaces treated with the agent are now reliably protected from corrosion.

The "Azot Clean Line" formula significantly extends the service life of all weapon assemblies and assemblies. It has a protective effect. After treatment with "Azot Clean Line", the metal parts of your weapon are less exposed to contamination, and the destructive effect of friction is reduced.


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