Azot Russian Hunter

Azot Russian Hunter
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We are very careful about the richest Russian hunting traditions, we put a lot of energy and resources into the preservation and development of the Russian Hunting Culture, and it was this idea that has inspired us to create Azot Russian Hunter, a new line of hunting cartridge.

The Azot Russian Hunter cartridge is assembled on the most modern, new line, which has been acquired as part of the upgrade and reorganization of manufacturing and can significantly improve the quality of cartridge assembly.

The Azot Russian Hunter applies domestic gunpowder, which historically enjoys well-deserved authority among the Russian hunters. The gunpowder that we use to assemble the Russian Hunter is manufactured according to the formula elaborated with the direct participation of our technologists.

In this spring, we have already updated our warehouse base so that now we guarantee better storage of gunpowder to get positive impact on their ballistic features. The new air conditioning system in the powder gallery has significantly increased the stability of the characteristics of manufactured cartridges.

We hope that the Azot Russian Hunter will be able to pleasantly surprise hunters and satisfy the most discerning shooters with our new product.

Features Azot Russian Hunter:

Lead shot: nos. 0000 - 7.
Lead shot weight: 32g.
Velocity, V0.5: 419 m/s.
Pressure: 690 bar.
Lead shot scree index, 35m: 88%.
Penetration into dry pine plank (amount of pellet diameters): 4 diameters or more.
Wad: Azot H14.
Cap: CX-2000 (France).
Powder: SOKOL.

Price for 1 cartridge - 26.00 rubles.

1 pack contains 25 rounds. Tare place - 250 rounds of one type.

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