Azot Siberia with a bullet "Cheddit"

New for 2019
Azot Siberia with a bullet "Cheddit"
  • Brand: НПФ "Азот"
  • Product Code: Azot Сибирь с пулей "Шеддит"
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On the example of the line “Azot. Russian Hunter” we applied a conceptually new approach to the production of hunting cartridges. In order to get the desired result, new components were developed: gunpowder was made, a new wad, a dye was selected - and the result did not disappoint us.

In absolutely the same way, another novelty of this year from NPF "Azot" was developed - the line of cartridges "Azot. Siberia".

These cartridges are assembled on imported gunpowder, for each type of shot its own brands of gunpowder and weights are selected, which allow to fully realize the set task - to provide the necessary speed, pressure, penetrating ability.

Cartridge "Azot. Siberia" is assembled on the wad, which was developed by the engineers of the NPF "Azot". Raw materials for the production of components for the cartridge "Azot. Siberia "is selected with great care.

Cartridge "Azot. Siberia” is intended to completely replace and expand the line of cartridges Profi Hunter, which is well-deservedly respected among Russian hunters. The line “Azot. Siberia” a cartridge with a 35 gram weight is produced.

All the experience we gained over the years of production of the Profi Hunter cartridge was taken into account when developing Siberia. All comments and wishes of consumers were taken into account. A lot of work has been done with hunting groups to get real, not laboratory-based test results only. The cartridges have been tested in various climatic conditions.

The results fully met our expectations - we hope that you will also appreciate the Azot Siberia cartridge.

Characteristics of Azot Siberia with a bullet "Cheddit":

Bullet weight 32g.
Velocity, V0.5: 415m/s
Pressure: 730 bar.
Cap: CX-2000 (France).
Powder: Nobel Sport (France).

Price for 1 cartridge - 68.50 rubles.

1 pack of 10 rounds. Tare place - 250 rounds of one type.

Tags: hunting cartridges