Azot Strike 0.25 g

Azot Strike 0.25 g
  • Brand: НПФ "Азот"
  • Product Code: Страйкбольные шары
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Airsoft balls "Azot Strike 0.25 g" are made on modern equipment from high-tech raw materials from European manufacturers. Azot Strike balls are double polished to ensure perfect sphericity and smoothness.

The production experience accumulated by NPF "Azot" allowed us to completely get rid of voids in the balls, which ensures high accuracy and accuracy of shooting.

Airsoft balls "Azot Strike 0.25 g" have a high density, which completely eliminates the possibility of splitting the ball, jamming the ball inside the drive and provides increased shooting accuracy.

The density of the materials from which the "Azot Strike" balls are made allows avoiding the influence of low temperatures on their characteristics.

  • Keep out of the reach of children;
  • Always use eye protection when shooting;
  • Reusing balls can damage the drive;
  • Designed for airsoft weapons only.

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