Championship of Moscow "Arkona"

Championship of Moscow "Arkona"

On Sunday, April 30, a wonderful shooting holiday was held, organized by the Arcona Shooting Sports Academy and personally by its director, an outstanding athlete, multiple World Champion in practical pistol shooting Vera Treskova. The competitions were held with the support of the Practical Shooting Federation of the city of Moscow and had the status of the City Championship.

More than eighty participants gathered in the Arcona shooting complex, and, which is very pleasant, there were a lot of young athletes. This gives hope that the shooting sport in our country is developing no matter what. Young pistoleers show excellent results and compete quite equally with adult athletes. Good preparation allows them to withstand both emotional and physical stress throughout the championship, and this is 8 full-fledged exercises, which need to hit almost 150 targets.

Azot Group was pleased to respond to the offer to participate in these competitions as a partner. Young athletes who will become participants of the Azot sports club were identified, and prizes from the Azot Group of Companies were awarded to the winners and prize-winners.

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