History of the company

History of the company

Azot R&PC was founded in 1992. During this time, a long path of formation and development was passed, the result of which was the creation of modern and innovative production.

Since the inception of NPF "Azot", modernization and improvement of production technology, improvement of the characteristics of already existing cartridges and the emergence of new lines, since the cartridges that existed up to that moment lagged far behind foreign counterparts in quality, began.

NPF Azot uses Italian, Belgian and German equipment in the production of its cartridges. The company produces part of the components for cartridges independently, and partly purchases from its regular partners: Nobel Sport S.A., Cheditte, Gualandi, Baschieri & Pellagri, Sokol-R LLC, FKP KGKPZ, etc.

By the end of the 90s NPF "Azot" mastered the serial production of cartridges for sporting.

In 2000, the company became the first Russian manufacturer of cartridges with a combined bullet shell.

In 2003 NPF "Azot" holds the first all-Russian competitions in clay pigeon shooting and sporting, where shooting is carried out only with cartridges from the organizing company.

In 2014, the company begins production of the NRG Match line, which is still one of the most common types of cartridges in Russia.

On September 19, 2015, the Russian national rifle shooting team successfully completes the competition at the World Championship held in Italy. For the first time in the history of Russia, athletes shoot not with foreign cartridges, but with domestic ones, which are produced precisely at NPF Azot.

Since 2016, Azot has been organizing BRITISH OPEN tournaments. Initially, this tournament was held only in Great Britain, which is why not all Russian athletes had the opportunity to take part in it. That is why NPF "Azot" decides to organize its own tournament, which did not exist in Russia before, as close as possible to the original. For these purposes, professional tournament organizers are constantly invited: Steve Lovatt, Ben Hustwaite and others.

Modern equipment from the best European manufacturers, only high-quality components and modernized production allows NPF "Azot" to create cartridges that are not inferior in all respects to the best foreign counterparts, as evidenced by the gold medals of sports shooters won at various international and national competitions.

Currently, employees are constantly studying the market, analyzing the needs of customers, which contributes to the expansion of the sales market for products and an increase in sales both in Russia and in neighboring countries.

During the 28 years of the company's existence, Russian athletes with Azot cartridges have won and become winners and prize-winners of the Championships of Russia, Europe, the World, and also win victories in regional and commercial tournaments.