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NRG Winter
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The cartridges of the NRG Winter series were developed by the “Azot” Research & Production Company (the Azot R&PC) specifically for use in the harsh conditions of the Russian winter.

Carefully selected components of the leading world manufacturers and use of the latest developments of our engineers have provided with the best ballistic performance and definite kill of game at low temperature.

A sleeve made of high-quality Exxon Mobil polyethylene, a sleeve base manufactured of brassed tape made in Germany, a CX 2000 cap, a wad manufactured by Diana Company, and special, heat-resistant Nobel Sport gunpowder are the key to a successful winter hunt.

It should be particularly noted that a Diana wad is completely biodegradable, so an NRG Winter cartridge is the only environment-friendly cartridge in Russia.

Features NRG Winter:

Lead shot: nos. 0000 – 5.
Lead shot weight: 32g.
Velocity, V0.5: 415m/s
Pressure: 710 bar.
Lead shot scree index, 35m: 80%.
Wad: Diana
Cap: CX-2000 (France).
Powder: Nobel Sport (France).

Price for 1 cartridge - 29.50 rubles.

1 pack contains 25 rounds. Tare place - 250 rounds of one type.

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