"Liquid water, solid water"

"Liquid water, solid water"

"Water is liquid, water is solid"; it would seem that this expression refers only to fishermen and fishing, but no.

"Black trail" or "white trail" - such a popular phrase among hunters is nothing but a derivative of the above-mentioned phrase.

It seems to be the usual seasonal transition from one aggregate state of water to another, and how much is behind these words!

Fishermen and hunters in the fall (and we now have the deepest autumn, we can even say the pre-winter) are looking forward to when it (the water) freezes! Anglers are waiting for "solid water" to finally get on the ice and get to the coveted fishing spots.

Whole cities of tents will soon grow on the ice of large reservoirs. In fishing shops there is a complete change of goods from "summer" to "winter". Ice drills, balancers and jigs are replaced on the shelves by summer spinners and wobblers. The hottest news on fishing forums is information about the ice situation! Where the ice has risen, where the ice has reached an acceptable thickness, and who has already fished.

Hunters are waiting for "solid water" in the form of snow, which will cover the vast expanses of our Homeland, and it will be time for the "white trail". It's time when numerous traces of animals and birds on the snow become visible.

A competent hunter reads footprints in the snow as a fascinating book, and the surrounding landscapes give the reading an amazingly beautiful and fabulous look. There comes an exciting time of hunting by following the trail. The work of the huntsmen in front of the pens is simplified; with the salary of the beast, everything is clear and understandable: how many animals have entered and how many have left the proposed pen. Over time, when the amount of snow cover reaches the desired depth, the tree hunting "on the holes" will begin.


How it all looks in the eyes of the layman.

Winter fishing. People, one might even say humans, on their own initiative, sometimes on their only day off they go to the frost long before dawn to the devil knows where on the ICE! Where they will drill this very "hard water" and try to catch something there. A nightmare and horror in the eyes of modern society!!

Things are no better with hunters: these, according to the layman, go the same way and almost the same way, but only into the FOREST. Some stand and freeze, others walk and scream! There are also singles - they go on "SKIS". Well, as on skis: in the understanding of the layman, these two boards are as wide as a snowboard (that's what a snowboard is, some people know) and weighing a pound each (although not everyone probably already knows the meaning of the word "pud"…Hard, in short). And on these "instruments of torture" hunters move across fields and fields.

I will not discuss production and catches, this is generally a separate topic for ordinary people.

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