New Year's creatures and how they rest

New Year's creatures and how they rest


The Asgard training ground near Moscow was filled with a dark force. A force that inspires terror by its very appearance. So gloomy that the most long-awaited holiday of the country was under threat…

The evil spirits of the Black Forest did a terrible thing – they kidnapped Santa Claus. And what's a New Year without Grandpa?

Only they – City dwellers and Forest brothers - could throw off the forces of darkness and save Santa Claus.

They had a difficult battle ahead of them. Although the light forces took numbers, all the other buns were on the side of the dark ones. United and applying all its might and balls, the light side was still able to resist evil and inflicted significant damage to the enemy forces.

Grandfather, in turn, also did not waste time in vain, remaining in captivity by Evil Spirits. With his magic staff, he disenchanted all the dark creatures and helped the little animals save the holiday.

And after peace and friendship reigned in the forest, each side was awarded prizes and gifts.

Santa Claus, exhausted by the confrontation with evil, could not prepare New Year's gifts for the players himself and called Azot for help. The most beautiful and fabulous animals, creatures and people of the city received prizes for their New Year's outfits; special gifts were prepared for those who fought with special valor and courage; twenty prizes were played in a magic lottery between all other characters so that as many players as possible went home satisfied, happy and with gifts.

Thanks to the organizers for the unforgettable fairy-tale atmosphere, and to all the players for the magical costumes and a lot of good emotions.

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