7th annual airsoft game "Gudermes RUS"

7th annual airsoft game "Gudermes RUS"

This weekend, the 7th annual airsoft game "Gudermes RUS" was held at the Russian University of Special Forces. As many as 2 days of fighting, 4 games with unique gameplay and, of course, unique locations!

The game was organized by RUS Special Forces together with by the organizing committee "Strategist". Our friends have done their best to provide all the players with various kinds of amenities: service, delivery of players to the desired location, hot shower, delicious food and much more. With the same responsibility and dedication, they approached the elaboration of tasks and the plot of the game itself.

More than 220 airsoft players from all over the country came to Gudermes. All players were divided into 2 teams: "Unity" and "Coalition".

The players were tasked with completing 5 missions, the actions of which took place in 4 different locations:

- "Height" - a location located in a mountainous area,

- "Valley" - forest area,

- "Cottages" and "Tactical City" are urban-type locations.

Despite the fact that friendship won, the NPF "Azot" still awarded the distinguished participants and commanders of the parties. So the most successful players not only received medals from the "Strategist" for special merits, but also left Gudermes with prizes from Azot Strike.

Thanks to all the players who made this game dynamic, bright and memorable! Also, special thanks to the organizers for the work done, responsible approach to the game and such an interesting event!

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