October starts hot for airsoft players!

October starts hot for airsoft players!

It's a pity that scientists haven't come up with a teleport yet, because 3 airsoft games were held at once this weekend, and I wanted to visit each of them!

Closure of the IC 2022 – Moscow region

Role-playing game "Metro 2033" - Asbestos, Sverdlovsk region.

Sparta-11 – Ivanovo

Although we did not manage to attend all the games, we provided support in organizing all three games and awarded prizes to participants.

We visited one of the games personally, so we'll start with it. Namely, since the Closure of the UK.

The game was held at the highest level. Representatives of the NPF "Azot" at the game highly appreciated:

- organization from the moment of the meeting of the players and to various little things in the dead. All newly arrived players at the training ground were immediately registered, given bandages, cards and other equipment;

- location – convenient to get from both Moscow and the region;

- a site for a camp. There was enough space for everyone, and a shop and a restaurant are conveniently located in the center of the site;

- equipment points and civil toilets. Everywhere it was easy to find drinking and industrial water, and in the dead man – a fairly wide (for airsoft games) assortment of tea, coffee and cookies;

- dynamism of the game. Even taking into account the fact that not all players were able to come, the game has not lost its dynamics. Tension persisted all the time, fighting clashes and skirmishes between the teams did not stop.

The "Closure of the UK" impressed us very much. We will be happy to continue to support the organizers of #igryHedina and cooperate with them in their further games and projects.

Well, now a few words about the other two games.

In "Metro 2033" there was a large amount of role-playing, the change of day and night and the "hungry engine". What does it mean? That the participants do not bring their balls and grenades, but play with the ammunition that they will find or get in the location. By the way, since Azot sponsored this game, all the players fired with our balls, and the opponents were "blown up" with AzotStrike grenades.

The change of day and night is also an interesting thing. During the day, the safest place is the stations, because not only are there no fights, but monsters don't go there either. But at night the heat begins – the station can be attacked not only by the enemy, but also by a crowd of monsters, so the tracers oh, how useful they were in this game.

Strikingly different from this game "Sparta-11". Not in a bad and not in a good way, of course, but by the fact that she is not role-playing. But exciting. The organizers themselves describe this game as a competition, because here the ability to hold the defense against superior enemy forces is tested. There is no strategic component here; only tactics and action, and this is an interesting feature of Sparta.

In each location, one side attacks once and defends once. The time limit for the stage is 90 minutes. The guys organized this game with the support of Azot (we were sponsors. As usual :))

Thanks to all the organizers for such cool games! Currently, it is important to get a discharge (from work, disturbing news and much more) and how to "break away", and airsoft games are good helpers in these matters. Verified ;)

P.S. You can find more photos in our Vkontakte group https://vk.com/azot_patron

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