Azot Game 32

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 Azot Game 32
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The cooperation of Azot R&PC and Baschieri & Pellagri, the leading Italian manufacturer, has turned the cartridge manufacturing into art.

The highest assembly quality, engineering, and technical resources of the Azot R&PC and the components from Baschieri & Pellagri have made possible to assemble Azot Game, the best Russian hunting cartridge.

Baschieri & Pellagri GORDON cases are a true technical revolution. The passive component has become the essential element providing with comfort when shooting, thus reducing recoil due to compression of the bottom wad.

A GORDON sleeve acts as a shock absorber, it is unique in its functions and appearance. The GORDON cartridge used in the Azot Game cartridge reduces recoil and allows you to aim faster for subsequent shots.

Features Azot Game 32:

Lead shot:

nos. 00 – 7.

Lead shot weight:


Velocity, V0.5:

410 m/s.


690 bar.

Lead shot scree index, 35m:



B&P Gordon (Italy).


CX-2000 (France).
Powder:laminated, 2-component B&P (Italy).

Price for 1 cartridge - 34.50 rubles.

1 pack contains 25 rounds. Tare place - 250 rounds of one type.

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