NRG 36 Special Auto

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NRG 36 Special Auto
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The cartridges of this line were created with an emphasis on their use in semi-automatic weapons that was highlighted by the inscription: "Auto". The elaboration included extensive testing to ensure the failure-free operation of cartridges in semi-automatic weapons.

The weighed quantity of 36-gram lead shot has a larger killing area due to the greater number of pellets, and high speed allows you to reduce the amount of lead and make the number of misses lower. The two-leaf wad container gives the possibility to kill the game at extreme distances. 

Features NRG 36 Special Auto:

Lead shot: nos. 00 - 5.
Lead shot weight: 36g.
Velocity, V0.5: 420m/s
Pressure: 760 bar.
Wad: Azot two-leaf wad.
Cap: CX-2000 (France).
Powder: Nobel Sport (France).

Price for 1 cartridge - 30.00 rubles.

1 pack contains 25 rounds. Tare place - 250 rounds of one type.

Tags: hunting