"Orudevskaya podsadnaya spring 2023"

"Orudevskaya podsadnaya spring 2023"

"Orudevskaya podsadnaya spring 2023" is a rather unusual competition in which our company acted as the main sponsor.

Why is it so remarkable? Participants. And to be even more precise – participants, because the judges at this competition evaluated ... decoy ducks.

Many hunters prefer to hunt with them, because ducks have a snitchy voice and an expressive "quack", which attracts drakes to the best of all kinds of monkeys.

The competitions were held this Saturday, April 22 on the territory of the village of Orudevo (Dmitrov city district). We can say that all 23 participants were outstanding ducks – all motley, feather to feather, and most importantly – vociferous. Such beauties were appreciated not only by the judges, but also by local drakes.

According to the results of the final round, 3 winners were determined:

1 – duck with ring No. 038, owner Akimov V.I.

2 - duck with ring No. 54, owner Nosov A.I.

3 - duck with ring No. 11, owner Skuntsev V.A.

We thank the organizers for such an interesting event with a friendly and friendly atmosphere! We hope that the next competition, which will be held this fall, will gather even more participants!

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