"Petrov Day 2023" - how it was

"Petrov Day 2023" - how it was

This weekend, the annual festival of hunting with friendly dogs "Petrov Day" 2023 has ended in the Kaluga region! For the 6th year in a row, Azot Group of Companies, according to the good old tradition, supported the event and acted as the main sponsor.

The participants of the festival were waiting for three eventful and exciting days at the recreation center "Golovinka". "Goose hunting.ru" fed everyone with delicious pilaf and took a ride on a swamp walker. All three days at the festival there was a fair where each of the participants could buy the necessary things and souvenirs.

A special invited guest Lubyaniy Alexander Nikolaevich held a master class on setting up weapons, spoke about the theory of shooting in an accessible way, and also conducted a practical part, where he suggested to some participants what to pay attention to when shooting.

Of course, it is impossible to ignore the main four-legged participants of the festival. All the dogs performed well at tournaments and, if I may say so, did a great job together with their owners.

In total, it was possible to compete in 4 tournaments:

- field;

- accurate feed;

- search and submission tournament;

- bench shooting.

All the winners were awarded prizes from the sponsors of the festival and received valuable gifts. In addition, one of the participants, who arrived for the first time on "Petrov Day", won a prize in a "special nomination" approved by our company, and received a certificate for the purchase of a rifle in our Azot Store! ;)

Many thanks to the organizers of the festival for preparing and holding such a wonderful event! "Petrov Day" undoubtedly has a positive effect on the development of hunting culture, supports communication among owners of hunting dogs and all interested people. In this difficult time, it is so important to meet people who have common interests for live, not digital communication. We also thank all the participants and guests of the festival for creating an indescribable atmosphere that I want to return to again and again!

We look forward to seeing you at the festival next year!

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