Shoot-off shooting glasses with mount

Shoot-off shooting glasses with mount
  • Brand: НПФ "Азот"
  • Product Code: Стрелковые очки Shoot-off с креплением
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Shoot-off goggles are mounted on the cap visor, thanks to which you can adjust the position of the lens relative to the shooter's face. The lenses move away and approach the eyes, and the angle between the shooter's face and the lens also changes thanks to the swivel arm.

Shoot-off glasses are used without a diopter insert. The design allows the use of Shoot-off glasses without removing other prescription glasses.

The lenses are made of polarized nylon. This material provides minimal light refraction and is comparable to artificial glass. For the shooter, this means that the eyes are less tired, and the vision does not deteriorate.

Glasses are covered with a unique PBO coating - this is the author's development of the brand creator Pierre Boutin. Shoot-Off lenses perfectly distinguish the target, neutralize the background, and protect the eyes from UV rays. In them, any target becomes brighter, it is easier to see it.

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