Smokeless gunpowder No. 540

Smokeless gunpowder No. 540
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Smokeless powder No. 540 is a versatile rifle powder for a wide range of medium calibers, suitable for both hunting and target shooting. It is a great choice for .223 / 5.56mm to .308 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield with heavier bullet weights.

Smokeless Propellant No. 540 provides outstanding precision with exceptionally clean combustion. A careful attitude to the additional energy content is characteristic of all our series no. 500 propellants. This allows speeds up to 30-40 m / s to be achieved at the same pressure level as with series no. 100 propellants.

The grains are symmetrical (1.0 mm long and 1.0 mm in diameter).

The price is for 1kg.

Tags: hunting gunpowder