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It shall not be an exaggeration to say that the Azot R&PC is a leader in the manufacturing of cartridges for practical shooting in Russia.

The cartridge for practical shooting is like a litmus test in the world of cartridge manufacturing. The most complex cartridge combining all the possible requirements in relation to: lead shot, buckshot, and bullet. Firing ranges are from 5 to 140 meters. The shooting velocity makes 0.14 seconds to hit two targets. They are absolutely different gun types and loading systems.

In 2014, we began to produce NRG Match, a separate line of cartridges for practical shooters. Initially, the cartridges of the NRG Match series were elaborated together with the best shooters of our country. Nothing has changed till now. We closely monitor over the trends and ensure that our products meet all the requirements of practical shooters.

The cartridges of the NRG Match series differ in similar ballistic characteristics that allows a shooter not to readjust himself to another type of cartridge, if the exercise requires it, but just to load a new magazine and continue the competition using the same tactile sensations, whether this shooter deals with lead shot, bullet or buckshot.

Special attention is paid to the assemblage quality of a cartridge. This is one of the most important aspects, since the reliable operation of gun automation depends upon it. The reliability of ammunition is the key to successful performance in practical shooting competitions.

The cartridges of the NRG Match series have many times become the official ammunition of the Russian National Team at international competitions of the highest level. Due to reliable operation of such cartridges and sportsmanship, the Azot shooters more than once took places on the podium in the individual and team events.

Характеристики Nrg Match Дробовой:

Lead shot: nos. 3; 5.
Lead shot weight: 26g. - 36g.
Velocity, V0.5: 400m/s
Pressure: 600 bar.
Cap: CX-2000 (France).
Powder: Nobel Sport (France).

Price for 1 cartridge - 19.50 rubles.

1 pack contains 25 rounds. Tare place - 250 rounds of one type.

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