"Tambov Spring 2023"

"Tambov Spring 2023"

More recently, the Tambov region hosted the next event "Tambov Spring 2023". These are regional competitions of hunting dogs of cop breeds in swamp and field game, dedicated to the memory of Vladimirova S.K. Such competitions are held every year on the last May weekend.

Organizers of the competitions: Tambov regional public organization "Hunting Dog Breeding Center", NGO "Tambov Regional Society of Hunters and Fishermen" and NP "Tambov Regional Society of Hunters and dog Breeders".

On the eve of the event, it rained heavily in the region, so it was problematic to get to the venue of the competition by car. For the same reason, it was not easy for the four–legged participants - by the beginning of the event, the ground had not yet had time to dry properly. But after the weather pleased with a warm and bright sun.

NPF Azot has been participating in these competitions for several years in a row, so this year we sponsored the Tambov Spring, supported the event and provided prizes for the winners.

We sincerely congratulate the winners and prize-winners with well-deserved awards, and also thank the organizers for the high level of preparation and holding of the event!

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