The Arkona -Azot team was formed from young shooters...

The Arkona -Azot team was formed from young shooters...

It is no secret to many of our subscribers that Azot Group regularly sponsors various competitions and takes an active part in the development of shooting sports. We also often say that children are our future, so the development of children's sports is especially important for us.

Last Friday, in our Moscow Azot Store, a meeting was held with young athletes of the Arkona school, led by their coach and head Vera Treskova.

Last month, several shooters were identified at the Moscow Championship, from which the Arkona – Azot Action Air team was formed. They were Maxim Bulkin, Yaroslav Odinokov, Lev Perepechkin and Anastasia Teplyakova.

At the meeting, our Deputy General Directors of Ukrainians Andrey and Kosulnikov Grigory personally presented the young athletes with certificates of Azot Club shooters and sponsorship gifts from Azot.

In addition, we talked in a pleasant friendly atmosphere, discussed the development of the team. For example, in the future, not only sponsorship will be provided for the Arkona - Azot team, but also meetings will be held with the champions and masters of various shooting sports (high-precision, sporting, carbine, rifle, PDA and others).

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